International Coastal Cleanup Day 2022, A JETAA Jamaica Endorsed Activity

The International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICC), observed each year, is one of those activities that is a permanent fixture on the calendar of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association of Jamaica (JETAA Jamaica). 

 President, Orrette Muir, explained the rationale for JETAA Jamaica's participation in this annual event in his interview onsite with reporters from ZIP FM. He said that members of JETAA Jamaica, having gone to Japan and having seen how the Japanese treat the environment with respect, want to play their part to bring a similar ethic to Jamaica by participating in activities such as that coordinated by the ICC, thus setting an example for other Jamaicans to follow.

This year the event took place on September 17, 2022, and members of JETAA Jamaica and its affiliates, and friends, joined the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) at the Palisadoes Go-Kart Track in Kingston, Jamaica for its annual beach cleanup. 

Prominent among the affiliates and friends who participated were staff from The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and members of its Alumni Association, JICA Alumni Association of Jamaica (JAAJ), as well as friends from the Chilean Embassy. 

The team collected twenty bags of assorted garbage totaling just over 300 pounds. Garbage collected included plastic bottles, paper bags, juice boxes, paper, plastic, Styrofoam containers.... 

The effort of JETAA Jamaica, its affiliates and friends made only a dent in the amount of garbage strewn along that area of the Palisadoes coast. As one team member of the cleanup crew opined, "We need to do better as a country". 


There needs to be a concerted effort by all Jamaicans to take care of the environment which continues to give us so much.

International Coastal Cleanup Day
Orrette Muir (centre), President of JETAA Jamaica being interviewed by reporters from ZIP FM.

International Coastal Cleanup Day 2022, Kingston Jamaica
Members of JETAA Jamaica's affiliate JAAJ doing their part to clean up a bit of the Palisadoes coast.

International Coastal Cleanup Day
Janet Crick, member of JETAA Jamaica, recording the types of trash being collected while volunteers collected trash along the Palisadoes coast.

International Coastal Cleanup Day
Representatives from JICA and JAAJ paused during the cleanup activity to show the amount of garbage collected

ICC Palisadoes Go-kart Track
JETAA Jamaica's members, affiliates and friends at the International Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 event at the Palisadoes Go-kart track, Jamaica


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