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From Jamaica to Japan and Back

  It was July 26, 2014 that I embarked on a journey that would forever change my life, I would be living and working in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’. Twenty-four other Jamaica JETs and I left Kingston, Jamaica on July 26 and arrived in Tokyo in Japan on July 27. The orientation process in Tokyo was fun as I got to roam the streets of Tokyo with my fellow Jamaican JETs and this honestly helped to soothe some of the homesickness and heartache I felt. One of my most memorable moments in Tokyo was going to a Japanese ramen shop and ordering food not speaking a word of Japanese. Thankfully the Japanese menus are equipped with pictures that looked like the actual meal I received. In Japan I lived in the Kansai region, more specifically Nishinomiya City in the prefecture of Hyogo. My location in Japan was very ideal as I lived 15 minutes by train away from Kobe – Sannomiya and 18 minutes from Osaka city. I worked at the Nishinomiya Senior High School, which was very close to my home. Worki