JETAA Jamaica has a new Executive

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme Alumni Association of Jamaica (JETAA Jamaica) has a new executive.  At its Annual General Meeting, which was held on March 20, 2021, its members selected a team of five to oversee its activities for the next year. 

Meet the New Executive

Sauna Maragh (President)

 As the next President, I will be standing firm on a foundation cemented by my predecessors with the obvious intention to continue reinforcement for the leaders to come. I envision continued support and active participation from existing and future alumni. What’s next? Can we focus our efforts to maintain active JETs in the diaspora? In this ever-increasing online presence, how do we maintain the balance by ensuring that we share our cross-cultural experiences so that those affected by the digital divide benefit from our knowledge sharing objectives? These questions and I am sure more, remain food for thought and are just some of the issues that I would love to examine as President.

Larisa McBean (Vice-President)

My vision for JETAA Jamaica is the continued fostering of ties between former JETs in Jamaica and Japan, as well as providing a bridge for newly returned Jamaican JETs—and those planning to return. As Vice-President, I will work with the Executive of JETAA Jamaica to help exploit opportunities for the further growth and development of the Association.

Orrette Muir (Treasurer)

I have been a member of JETAA Jamaica since 2019. During this time, I have enjoyed the camaraderie and fellowship that come with being a part of this association and I look forward to being involved with JETAA Jamaica for as long as possible. I would like to contribute more to the Association and the position of Treasurer is one of the ways in which I can do this. In addition, I will be able to utilise my knowledge and experience as a Lecturer of Accounts to assist me in effectively carrying out the duties of a Treasurer. 

Janet Crick (PRO)

My vision for JETAA Jamaica is a raised profile, increased visibility, both locally and overseas, and a heightened awareness of the important work that we do as an Alumni. My goal during my tenure as Public Relations Officer would be to have the Association seen as a robust, efficient, professional and responsible entity, and as such, one that can attract more Alumni to join the membership and to become actively engaged in the Association. 

I am also of the view that an increased understanding and heightened awareness of the Association and the initiatives it undertakes to promote Japan and its culture can only redound to the ultimate benefit of the JET Programme as well as current and future JET participants.

Maria Mutidjo (Secretary)
JETAA Jamaica has an outstanding reputation of engagement and professionalism. Certainly the outstanding records that we have kept over these many years have played a critical role in this. The accurate minutes that we keep ensure that we remain focused on our stated goals and also help us to reflect critically on the activities that we have done. I have served in the capacity of secretary before so I appreciate the level of accuracy that this position requires. 

As simple as it may sound, being present is fundamental to the role of being the secretary - if you aren’t there, how can you record? As such I commit to ensuring that I am present for all events to take precise records. I consider it an honour to serve the JETAA Jamaica in this capacity.

The JETAA Jamaica is a not-for-profit association with a mission to assist in enhancing relations between Jamaica and Japan through promoting the Japanese culture within Jamaica, and serving as a support group for former, current and prospective Jamaican JET participants.



  1. Congratulations! I love the ideas and the enthusiasm shared by all and I look forward to continuing my support for the Association under the leadership of this new Executive.


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